Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bead Wishlist

I am curious about whether you all have a bead wishlist for the holiday season or a bead shopping list for your friends.

I don't think I have any beads to buy this season for friends, but I do sort of have a wishlist of some beads I'd like to get for myself :)

I just noticed that Firemountaingems.com has a number of sales going on. I do happen to love the holiday tree earrings made out of swarovski crystals.

I've made the snowman before, but never the tree....hmm. I think I might be getting myself a pre-holiday gift! :)

Too-Cute-Beads actually has kits available, NICE! They have green trees AND these adorable clear trees! I am liking these, I think it's the kitschy-factor!

What do you think?


Emily said...

I have way too many beads already so was doing my best to stick to the "quit looking at the danged beads, you're just going to buy them plan" did really well for a couple of weeks and then thatbeadgirl slipped under my radar and sent a newsletter out. Well...just had to get two new lampwork sets, they were gorgeous! (sigh) lol

Lisa Crone said...

I think we might be related Emily! :)

Skye said...

I send beads to a friend each Christmas. I usually buy some of the ones I know she loves, then add in some from my own stash.

I don't have a 'bead wish list' that I've told anyone about.. well.. aside from verbally drooling about a few ;) I've bought far too many beads this year >.< I need to start going on a massive jewelry making tear to use them up! lol