Monday, November 28, 2011

Kid-Friendly Jewelry Making

I saved this fun, kid-friendly jewelry project from my all night craft extravaganza to share with you today.

It was probably close to 1:30am by the time we got around to this project. By the way, my 12 year old niece hung on till 3:30am, what a CRAFTER!

Our holiday craft night usually turns into a full blown party with gifts, food and drink.

This time around, we all got new glue guns! It was definitely a mini Oprah moment, "everyone gets a glue gun"!

It was exactly what we needed to embellish our felt covered slap bracelets with a bit of holiday fun! The packages of slap bracelets came from hobby lobby, 4 for $1, YAY!

I almost forgot to mention my super crafty and smart niece also saved the day when one of the others accidentally glued their embellishments on the backside of the slap bracelet. She summoned her inner craftiness and gently turned the slap bracelet inside the felt so all was well! It was a magical moment! (Did I mention we had been crafting for several hours by that time?)


Skye said...

lol awesome :)

Mary said...

Nice kid craft!! Where did you find the slap bracelets?

Lisa Crone said...

Hi Mary! Those slap bracelets were in the holiday craft section at Hobby Lobby. Last Saturday they were 50% off, so a package of 4 was $1. :)