Monday, November 14, 2011

Make It Shine!

Wow, have you ever seen anything like this in a kit before? It looks like they are marketed by Simplicity to people who sew.

I came across this in Tuesday Morning over the weekend and didn't even think twice about buying it. I had a need to know
more! The regular price was $18.99 and it was marked $3.99.

I'm not a bead embroidery guru so it did make me wonder if you could actually make something out of this that looked wearable.

Here's the back of the box so you can see the other designs available through It looks like this one is marked down to $5.20 on their site.

I've got a picture of the actual pieces inside for tomorrow's post, so stay tuned!


Lacey said...

I love things like this that come in kits. I don't necessarily follow the kit instructions though. I can't wait to see what comes with it and what you end up doing with it. Let me know how you like it. I may have to order one for myself!!!

Beadwright said...

Wow. I am off to check this out. Thanks for finding it for us.

Kokopelli said...

Love the designs on the reverse side. Looks simple and I'm a big fan of bead ebroidery.

Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Wow! $3.99 is a bargain! Going to check this out...