Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wishing for Spring!

Well, in yesterday's post I was wishing for sunshine and it was 67 degrees and sunny here in Central Ohio today!! Wow!! That was easy!

I figured I'd wish for some flowers today and see what happens

I love these tomatoey colored flowers and how could you not love the tulip with a bunny in it!!?

We have the bunny in our yard, we just need the flower!

I believe!! :)


Almost Precious said...

I do love the adorable bunny bead, it is priceless.
Here's hoping you see a garden filled with flowers very soon and happy almost springtime to you. :)

Patricia Lynne said...

That bunny bead is cute! Yes, let's think spring, please!

Anonymous said...

Such cute beads! I have some flower beads, I think you have inspired me to do something with thm.... ;-)

flyingbeader said...

The bunny bead is fun, but I'm afraid if my dogs saw that on my wrist, they'd sit & stare at me for hours waiting for that bunny to move. I want some Spring too. I heard the frogs over at Sharon Woods last night when driving to work. I know it is coming said...

I love bunny anything, maybe because I was born in the year of the rabbit. And flower beads, can't get enough of those.
Have a great weekend,