Thursday, March 3, 2011

Whimsical Recycling

I didn't want to disappoint and since I was on a whimsical roll, I wanted to find something unique, different and whimsical to share tonight!!!

Check out these recycled jewelry pieces!!

WOW! I love great ideas and all of these fall under that heading!!

Seriously!! How great are these?!

The simcard earrings are perfect, the ruffle-step-cake earrings and paper bead bracelet

The designer's etsy site is called "hippiekingdom"! Oh my goodness, that name alone brought tears of joy to my eyes!

I love that and I wish there was a hippie kingdom that I could actually get to and set down roots!!

Maybe it exists, here where Devi Chand created it, in India!! Enjoy!!


Shirley said...

Love the paper bead bracelet. Such fun colors and interesting shapes.

Charlene said...

These pieces are so much fun. I love seeing how creative people are. Thanks for sharing this with us - it brought sunshine to a gray March day.