Wednesday, March 9, 2011

If You Love Gnomes...

You know, once you start having a conversation about gnomes, it's not that easy to change the subject!!

After yesterday's post, I have to
admit I've been in the gnome zone!

I just love these little guys. Our collection includes many gnomes with garden tools or riding animals,
driving cars or hugging deer!!

Seriously, there are some cute gnomes out there!! The gnome in this picture is actually a BEAD!! It is made to resemble the founder/owner of the bead company,!

How fun would that be to have a gnome bead made in your likeness?! :)

Here is a link to the Russ Troll bead. Enjoy!


somethingunique said...

Good Morning Lisa,well you know i like to blame those little gnomes when things go missing in the house you know like the car key's,those mysteriously missing one sock that goes missing from the dryer,the little messes that seem to appear.Well i always say it's those dang "gnomes" again they are still cute though! ttfn :)

Linda B said...

One of my friends likes the gnomes so now we're all buying them for her. I just found a Lady Gnome.

Oh, go see the movie, it's hysterical. Gnomeo and Juliet.

flyingbeader said...

I do! I do! But none of those little guys live here because somehow my dogs have never liked them. I had one once at my male dog totally destroyed it. I'd love to come over & see you "gnome-ness" and maybe bead sometime.


ps, I have some gnome fabric you'd go bonkers over

Miss Elm said...

That gnome bead is amazing i want one! i collect gnomes aswell, i love that they always bring a smile to peoples faces.
Have a look at some of mine. They wern't camera shy for once!

Lisa Crone said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH for jumping on my gnome bandwagon!! :) I can't wait to see the new movie!!

By the way, if you are a gnome lover, make sure you check out the link in Miss Elm's comment!! :) You have heard of a jack in the box, but have you heard of a gnome in the box??? (seriously!)