Saturday, December 4, 2010

This Week's Project: Replacement Necklace

It seems that I have been misplacing jewelry lately and haven't been able to find one of my favorite necklaces.

So, I grabbed 4 or 5 bead boxes and was determined to make something out of what I found in them to replace it.

I was happy to have found this large circular mother of pearl bead to use for making a pendant. I was just going to include the little gray circle with a hematite bead inside of it, but it seemed a little too simple and expected.

The extra hematite bead adds a little something extra that made me stare at it wondering whether I liked it or not. I didn't dislike it and it seemed more interesting than the simpler version, so there you go.

Another simple project to add to my collection!! Love that shiny hematite!

I hope you are having a fun weekend! :)


jamberry_song said...

It's lovely! And that is a fantastic idea to challenge oneself---pick out a few beads and make yourself create something with them. Mind if I try it sometime? :D

Jean said...

It's brilliant, what a great idea, I love hemetite too.

Lacey said...

Very nice!! I just got my copy of Step-by-Step Wire magazine, but haven't had a chance to really work on any of the projects. Hopefully I'll get to do some work this week sometime.

Plantress said...

Very nice. It's simple with some flash-just what I like. I like to use large hematite beads with twisted sterling and pearls.

Ring Jewelry said...

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Dawn Doucette said...

Very Cute Lisa! I think that's one of those staple pieces that goes with Everything! Hope your week is absolutely TERRIFIC!