Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sparkly Rivoli New Year!

Our "Speedie Beadie" friend, Dot, sent a great photo of a necklace she is planning to wear on New Year's Eve tomorrow.

She is going to be working an overnight
medical lab shift, but she is going to seriously

Dot mentioned that she bought this beading kit by Beki Haley so she could use the Swarovski Rivoli's that she has a tendency to hoard!

This kit showcases them beautifully! I LOVE that she chose these colors, so icy for winter, but could easily be warn all spring and summer too!

Wow, I'm feeling very inspired to learn how to make something this sparkly!

Thanks for sharing Dot!!


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Lacey said...

Beautiful piece, but I'm not sure I have enough patience to do something like that. Maybe I'll give it a go sometime. There's a piece in one of the books I've got that is quite similar.