Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More Designing and Upcoming Giveaway

How can I use this tiny chain to enhance the Katiedid necklace I'm working on? Hmm... As I mentioned on Saturday, I have some new components to work with. I selected the crystals yesterday and want to add a little something extra...

My original thought was to make a chain tassel and hang it from the bottom of the Katiedid used as a pendant with some tiny crystals dangling from them.

Then I thought that was pretty predictable! So, I'm looking for ideas if you have a second.

I have a lot of this spool chain so maybe I can triple it and make some kind of hanging ruffles.

Okay, I'm going to lay everything out and see what happens!! Oh gosh, I also have this large chain that might be interesting! Please stay tuned!

By the way, it's time for the next book giveaway, stop by tomorrow's post for a chance to win :)


Regina said...

I checked out Katiedids after your post on saturday, I am going to get me some. Oh! the possibilities! Have a great day!

Cindy said...

I think I operate the same way...lay out components to a project and let them simmer a little until something speaks to me! :-)