Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Friendly Dolphins!

When I was visiting "Regina's Writings" the other day, I saw these sweet dolphin earrings and thought they were just perfectly represented with those watery light blue faceted rounds! Ahhh!

I asked Regina if I could share them here on A Bead A Day so I could admire them for a little bit longer! :)

Regina is from one of my favorite places, the sunshine state! It makes perfect sense that she makes jewelry based on her gorgeous surroundings!

Do you just love these?!! I couldn't wait till Friday to share...tomorrow it's back to beads! Have a great one!


Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Love these earrings, love Regina's blog, just love LOVE! Great sharing post Lisa! I couldn't agree more... the blue crystals are perfect with the dolphins!


Regina said...

Thank you Lisa. The aquamarine crystals are the new chessboard rounds from Swarovski and sure have a lot of sparkle! Glad you like the earrings. Have a great day!

Shaiha said...

Those are sooo cute!