Thursday, July 8, 2010

Flea Market Fun

During vacation my husband very sweetly picked out magazines for me and one of them was "Flea Market Style" which is packed full of great bargains, "junk" makeovers and classy shabby chic rooms.

It has been ages since we found a great flea market or antique mall to peruse and made me reminisce about all the years we spent digging for treasures!

It also reminded me of this bead I found a couple years ago and, of course, I had to search everywhere so I could look at it and hold it to get some inspiration for how to use this.

How do I turn this cool flea market-like bead into a classy shabby chic piece of jewelry?

Seriously! Any ideas guys!??

I have a bee in my bonnet now and know what I will be obsessing about over the weekend!! Help!


Casey Sharpe said...

Mmm, I'd have to suggest using some sort of brass chain with it?

TesoriTrovati said...

Interesting color! I am not sure what the size on this is, but I am envisioning this wrapped in Vintaj brass filigree and set as the centerpiece to a necklace. I would add some soft peach pearls and some garnets to this.
Looking forward to seeing where this inspiration takes you!
Enjoy the day!

Elizabeth said...

I think you need to make an assymetrical necklace. Definitely needs some sparkle. I would create a station necklace with this off to one side and some sort of copper pendant, in my opinion, would set the color off nicely. Some neutral crystals in a sand or smokey color would enhance it as well. Can't wait to see what you make.


Perhaps some wire wrapping with copper or would look good with some turquoise too!

Just read you are from Westerville! Howdy neighbor! I am in Hocking County in the caves area:) Small world.
Going to Columbus tomorrow as a matter of fact to take my granddaughter to the air port.

debi said...

I am guessing swarovski chocolate perals would dress this organic bean like bead, up.