Thursday, December 11, 2008

Little Brown Bead Caps

Aren't these interesting little beads? I believe they are glass bead caps with a color coating on them. I picked them up out of a bead mix because I had never seen anything like them before. Maybe I just don't get out enough!!

These made me think a little bit of mushroom caps or acorn tops. They would look pretty cute with a lighter brown or green colored "acorn" bead or a long thin tubular "mushroom stem" bead. Either of those would be cute and whimsical. If you could find a cute little gnome bead to put with them, I think that would be perfect!

Have a nice evening!


Anonymous said...

Those are indeed cute little buttons! And your design ideas with them ... oh yeah!
Thank you VERY much for your post on my blog re "grace". It reminds me of what I felt & thought as I read "The Shack", which I've been intending to re-read - and now I know it will be a "now" read instead of a "later". Beautiful thoughts for the season...
Should I fear going into AllyBeads? *lol* I just realised how close they are ... uh oh ... *lol*

Anonymous said...

Lisa, where do you find all these cute beads? These also remind me of a bowl, so see what they may look like if you sat a bead up on TOP of them---a fruit shaped bead, maybe???? Teri