Monday, December 15, 2008

Green & Yellow Grapes

Do you remember those giant glass clusters of grapes that were used as decorative items in the 1970's? They might go back further than that, but I remember them as being associated with that time period. They immediately came to mind when I saw this bead!

It seems to me I've primarily seen them in an amber color which, of course, would match the goldish-yellow or mustard-like tint that was very popular at the time. I believe I've also seen them at flea markets in a variety of colors including dark purple and a similar green to this bead.

These grape cluster beads are pretty cute, but you would definitely need some other beads to balance out the design. I think they would be nice with lots of gold. I'm thinking about those gold stardust beads that look like they have a coating of diamond dust glitter on them. Sounds fun and sparkly!

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