Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Gem of Gems

When I saw today's bead in a packaged mix recently (at the Meijer store), I had to buy the package just to show it to you! This one appears to be plastic, but all the others in the mix were glass. This reminded me of the kind of jewels you see in treasure chests or the kind of royal stone that Sherlock Holmes was always either protecting or trying to track down.

The color is great and makes this bead stand out even more than it does by its size. It is at least an inch long and quite chunky. I'd like to try using this as the focal bead in a short necklace or choker, not as a dangle, but strung on the neck. Although, I suppose this would be pretty cute made into a necklace dangle...

I would love to mix it with cheerful pastels, but that might make it seem a little too juvenile. However, I need to remember to push past my preconceived notions sometimes and give things a try!

I hope you have enjoy looking at this treasure of a gem as much as I have!!

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