Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Flat & Square Sky Bead

I love the color in this bead! It's just the softest sky blue color that looks like it's peaking out from some fluffy white clouds. Okay, I know it's flat, but that's what the imagination is for!

I'm not entirely sure how to use a bead like this so you can see it from this angle and appreciate that little sliver of sky...

How about placing a small light aqua bicone on either side of it and using some light aqua fiber optic rounds and a dash of silver here and there. Is it too big for a chunky bracelet? Maybe....

This might be the perfect bead to use as a zipper pull! It would definitely give you some good leverage for easy zipping! I think I will give that a try! It would be cute on a blue or white sweatshirt. Perfect for a blue AND white zip-up sweatshirt. In that case, I think it should be primarily crystals around it with a little bit of ab finish.

If you have any other ideas for this one, please let me know!!

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Dave Robertson said...

Hi Lisa, some day your blog is going to be famous. It's really great to slow down and have a closeup look at an individual bead, like a work of art. This blue sky bead is a great example!

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