Saturday, March 4, 2017

Design challenge! Preparing for a blog hop

Beads have's time to design! 

All six Cousin DIY ambassadors have received the same beads and we're anxious to see what everyone creates.

I learned early in my jewelry making journey that EVERYONE sees things from a unique perspective. I had a very sheltered view of creativity in my youth. I didn't have a clue about individuality and the excitement of being different. 

The easiest way to fit in with other people was to be like them. There weren't any classes in the old days in mainstream rural Ohio schools about self expression. I remember getting a D in art, my very first art? Wouldn't you think you'd at least get a C just for showing up?

Fortunately, time passed, life experiences happened and I found myself involved in a creative outlet...making jewelry! 

Many blog hops later, I'm excited to create something fun and unique!

I'm not sure if you can see them clearly, but there's a strand in the photo above with some substantial spikes! I can't wait!! :) 

We'll all be sharing our designs at the end of the month...stay tuned!