Wednesday, February 1, 2017

For the love of beautifully photographed jewelry

Okay, I admit I was already sort of in love with this blue dangly bracelet BEFORE the photograph, but's a mixture of love and awe. Thank you Brian Chan and Crystal Cousin!

During my visit to Cousin Corporation in Florida last year, I had the good fortune to receive a photography lesson by top photogs Brian and Crystal.

The best part of the story is this...we forgot to bring a piece of jewelry outside to actually photograph. So, guess who offered to pull a bracelet off their wrist? Ha!

They explained how anyone could take great bead and jewelry pics using their simple methods. It's all about the lighting and background!

First, the background...Brian went across the parking lot and picked up a large handful of white rocks.

Sidenote here, the unplanned perfection of the white rocks and the bright blue beads was not lost on me! I mean...perfection!

Now the lighting...filtering the light using a homemade filter - insider secret...fabric attached to a PVC pipe frame.

And the final step, photoshop! :)

I have to say, the photo was pretty perfect without any adjustment at all! Am I biased because of the bead-love?

What a great experience, thanks you two for a great lesson and for taking the time out from your busy schedules to hang out with a group of bead-lovers. I'm a huge fan!

For any of you who see photos in the Cousin Corporation or Prima Bead catalogs and website, it's all done by Brian and Crystal. Amazing!

Now, let me get that bracelet down off its pedestal so I can wear it today. :) 


Tish McDermott said...

Taking pictures is the hardest thing I have ever done. I cry and pout and stomp around wishing I had an assistant to do all that rot for me!!
It is a true art form to understand and product such awesome images!

What a great experience this had to have been!!!

Lisa said...

Hi there, so good to hear from you! I agree 100%. Pain and suffering for a good pic. They were awesome..had to pinch myself. Great people, great experience! :)