Saturday, August 2, 2014

Magically Delicious Universe Moment

It's not surprising my latest MDU moment involved jewelry! :)

I started a new mantra Thursday morning. The one I selected is intended to clear obstacles and awaken the manifesting energy of the universe. Yay! It's always exciting to start a new routine for the purpose of making life even better. :)

The MDU moment happened that same evening. I had a Cousin Ambassador project on deck that I hadn't had the chance to work on, so I thought it would be the perfect time to look through the pieces and parts I received. FUN!

In an awesome moment, I realized I had received a beautiful gold toned bangle bracelet from the new Cousin Daintyfied collection. It fit my wrist perfectly and because it is very dainty, I thought it would be perfect with a few charms hanging from the top circle.

The gold charms in my package were the OM symbol, Buddha and a sparkly elephant, which happens to be a good representation of the mantra I selected that morning.

Okay universe, message received! Love you too! ;)

Don't you love it when you get pretty instant validation that you are on the right path? Me too!

More on the new Daintyfied collection soon...just wanted to revel in this moment a little bit longer. :)


Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

I love moments like that. Thanks for sharing, Lisa. The bracelet is lovely!

Lisa Crone said...

Thanks Eileen!!