Sunday, July 27, 2014

Planting Creative Seeds

Can you guess which one of these little pots is mine?

A few of us came together early this morning to create a special little pot for planting seeds of desire...ahh, what a nice idea!

We'll be writing down our dreams, intentions or desires and "planting" them in the pots to help them grow.

We had a wonderful time making a little creative chaos out of our crafting table today. The only rules were there were no rules and worrying about perfection was not an option!

My thanks and gratitude go out to Dawn and Michelle...I appreciate you more than you know! :)

By sharing this with all of you here, I encourage you to gather a group of friends or just your friends me, myself and I to let your creativity flow!!! It's well worth making the time...

Please share if you are joining us in planting creative seeds!

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