Thursday, April 4, 2013

Colorful Summer

Looks like this is going to be a colorful summer once it actually gets here! Have you noticed how bright all the colors are in this year's fashions?

When I was watching a Brady Bunch marathon last night I noticed how similar some of the kids play clothes were to those in the stores today. Jan was wearing a boxy yellow top and pink ankle pants with white flats. :)

It would make sense that jewelry and jewelry making components follow the same trend. After yesterday's adorable small blue/gold chain, I thought it would be fun to feature this larger red chain.

This looks very cool just wrapped around my wrist by itself, it really stands out. It will be lots of fun to create with. I am not sure what the red chain is made of. Unlike the blue chain, this is so light it must be some kind of plastic or resin material. That's pretty cool because sometimes using a lot of larger link chain can really weigh you down.

I'm envisioning several strands of this very simply connected with a fun focal for my wrist! Very cheerful! Any plans for colorful spring/summer jewelry?

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