Monday, October 1, 2012

Sweetness without Sugar!

Well, golly, goodness, gracious!

Either I had a little too much sugar today or I received a box of beads and craft supplies from Cousin Corp!

Considering I'm on day 8 of a strict 10 day back to eating basics program, I promise I didn't have too much sugar! :)

Yay Cousin, thank you so much for the most awesome crafty box of goodness! Oh, I should say Halloween-y it!

I hope you'll ride along on this crafty, possibly s.c.a.r.y. adventure while I sort out all the pieces and parts and come up with a fun project inspired by HALLOWEEN!

Here are a couple of the most surprising pieces so far...throw your ideas out there as they all materialize, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Giant hemp cord and styrofoam balls...hmm...

Don't worry, tomorrow it's back to beads!

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