Sunday, October 28, 2012

Frankenstein's Princess Choker

Yay, I get to start sharing my Halloween projects with you this week!

The Cousin Corporation very generously sent me and the other four Jewelry Making Ambassadors a box full of beads, hemp cord, plastic lace and lots more to choose from for a Halloween project assignment.

I knew right away that I would be tempted to make more than one project and started having lots of ideas. Sometimes my ideas really go "crafty"...

I made a quick trip to the craft store to look for some plastic spiders and when I walked by the zipper section, I instantly knew I wanted to try making a choker out of a zipper!

We've been watching a variety of kitschy black and white movies, including Frankenstein's Revenge and I thought it would be fun for the zipper to have that Frankenstein's Monster vibe. :)

After lots of trial and error, I came up with this one. It was very fun and actually quite easy! I hope it makes you smile!

Instructions are posted here.


Kokopelli said...

That's hilarious! *ROFL* Simply love it.

Lisa Crone said...

Can I just say I couldn't have asked for a better totally made my day, week and month with that one, thank you my friend! Exactly the response I was hoping for :)