Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ode to the Sunshine State!

I was thinking of writing a poem to accompany this piece to represent my feelings about the fabulous state of Florida!

However, I will spare you all since that's not necessarily my strong suit. :)

Instead, I thought I'd explain why this Florida inspired project for the Cousin Corporation is based on the SUN!

While the sun was shining strongly in Ohio today, there are several months of winter doldrums when we don't see the sun at all!

It's amazing how that can affect your outlook on life.

It's something many people don't even realize! It's a thrill to be able to escape during snow and ice in Ohio and head to sunny Florida.

It is rejuvenating and magical and while the blues of sky and water are next on my list of Florida goodness, none of it is possible without sunshine!

This shiny gold chain did not need much embellishment because it is SO shiny!

The bauble is the 12 bead right angle weave using faceted 8mm Champagne Crystazzi rounds AND the rhinestone rounds.

This is definitely a project to try if you haven't made the bauble before! Let me know if you need instructions and I'll head to the archives. :)

By the way, the earring focal is the "golden" bead I mentioned last week.


Raziela Designs said...

Lisa, these are GORGEOUS!

Kokopelli said...

What a sunny piece!

Diana said...

I love this and would love to have the instructions. Thanks for sharing.

Gloria said...

I'd love the instructions for these too if you dont mind. thanks

denise jane said...

Love. Love. Love. I'm in love with this piece of jewelry. It surely speaks of sunshine just by the it glimmer. Just lovely.
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Lisa Crone said...

Thank you all, three cheers for the bauble! So glad I took that beading cruise! :)