Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Fellow Creative Circle Ambassadors

I hope you are all having a great weekend! I always think having time to play with beads is like the icing on the cake, yum!

I wanted to take a few minutes to share a little info about my fellow Creative Circle Ambassadors.

There are five of us and I've just added their links to the right sidebar in case you are interested in what they are creating.

We will all be given a project a month by the Cousin Corporation. It's always fun to see what people create especially when they are using the same materials.

Below is a little about each and pictured above is Gail's first Florida inspired project.

Suzette Bentley
Suzette is a self-taught jewelry designer and is the inspiration behind Ellie’s Bijoux, her online jewelry gallery. Her creations have received rave reviews and she has recently been published in Bead Trends, Bead Style and Stringing magazines.

Gail Devoid
Gail started beading by learning how to loom with beads. Along with a variety of seed bead stitches, she is proficient in bead crochet, chain maille weaves and wire wrapping. Her first magazine article appeared in Issue 4 of magazine. recognized Gail as a designer in May 2006, naming her Designer of the Month. She also co-hosted a live Internet radio show at called The Jewelry Connection.

Shelly Owen
Shelly began creating jewelry in the early 1990s after being inspired by a high school project on recycling. She started out by recycling old broken jewelry and repairing a favorite piece. She then created pieces to give away as gifts, which later turned into requests for handmade items for friends, family and special occasions.

Patty Squillante
Patty has been fascinated by jewelry making for as long as she can remember. Jewelry making is very uplifting to her, providing a greater sense of purpose. Beading and instructing are her passions. Her mission is to demonstrate to others that making jewelry is rewarding and ever-evolving. Patty is grateful for her students because they allow her to share her passion with them.

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Gail Devoid said...

Lisa, this is a great piece, and thank you for showcasing us Creative Circle Ambassadors. I look forward to seeing your piece and how you used Cousin components in it.