Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Swarovski Pave Saga Update!

For those of you following the Pave Swarovski saga, thanks to Cynthia for the heads up on yesterday's post about the Artbeads.com email update.

I checked my email and sure enough, Artbeads.com has announced the Swarovski Pave Teardrops are back in stock!! Here's what they wrote:

"They're Back!
These colorful teardrop beads featuring genuine Swarovski Crystals were so popular that they sold out within the first day that they were featured on our website. Now they're back in stock. You'll love their fresh variegated palettes!"

Here they are folks, get 'em while you can! :)

1 comment:

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

They are just super pretty! No wonder they sold out so quickly. Hopefully the jewelry that is made with them sells as quickly!