Sunday, May 27, 2012

Return to the Drawing Board

I made a quick necklace today while riding in the car. I was hoping to have something to wear with my happy summer bracelet.

In theory it seemed like it would work well. Colorful with a mix of textures!

When I make jewelry, it might look okay on, but...if I don't get that fun, happy feeling it means I need to head back to the drawing board.

It was lots of fun to make, the beads were so cheerful and sparkly. I felt creativity flowing and the peace that comes with that kind of focus. SO, all was not lost!

I would love to hear what you worked on today. :)


Skye said...

Well today hasn't even officially started... especially since I'm only up for a drink and nibble, then I'm going back to bed ;) lol

But yesterday I got into a meditative swing by making just over two feet of beaded chain.

I needed to get into 'finishing mode' and add some clasps...I have four bracelets that have been 'made', one for quite some time now, that don't have clasps on them yet, and the newest of them is a bright cheerful yellow to match that necklace of you! I Never work with bright colors, but this months I seem to have been doing just that :) Bright yellow, pale pinks and blues and greens... lol totally not in my usual color palette, but then I've been a lot of beading while sitting o my porch enjoying the weather, so maybe that's been influencing me ;)

Lisa Crone said...

Hi Skye! It sure sounds like you ARE being influenced by your surroundings, how cool is that! I love that jewelry making can take you to that meditative place. :)

Skye said...

And all the missing and extra letters in my previous post proves just how early in the morning I wrote it >.< lol I did another six feet plus of beaded chain today, mostly on black metal ( needed my black fix ;) ) The beautiful afternoon didn't inspire me quite as much today since the carpenters working on the first floor apartment had their saws and trailer parked right off the porch..I plugged in my music to try to drown out the saws, and enjoyed the scent of wood being cut. The guys were not bad looking either, but it's hard to appreciate views while using wire cutters ;) lol

I hope you managed to find some time to play with your beads again today :)