Thursday, March 6, 2008


One of the first words that came to mind to describe this vintage bead was, "groovy"! During one of their many garage sale treks in Florida, my parents came across some vintage jewelry that they took apart, cleaned and kindly sent my way.

I have used these beads in a number of different pieces of jewelry and even used one of these heavy beads to dangle off a bracelet. It was awfully cool looking even though it packed a punch when you would bang it up against something!

The memory wire choker I made with these and their companion beads was ultra "mod" with a very long (and sort of heavy) dangly pendant. The possibilities are endless when you come across unique items like these. They truly become wearable conversation pieces.

I hope this one makes you smile!


Anonymous said...

I agree with "Groovy"...very good adjective! Love what you've done here, very impressive! And I really like that eye bead...hint, hint!
Love ya sis,

adina said...

Hi! I think we must be kin! :-) Your blog is really cool , different, and inspiring. It makes me even more excited about beads!