Friday, March 21, 2008

Gorgeous Stone

Hello! Today's bead is a gorgeous stone. I'm not sure what type of stone this is, but the variation of color is so beautiful...a natural wonder! You could pair this bead with crystals (of course) or other glass beads in black, gray or earth tones depending on which colors you want to draw out of the stone. It's fun to experiment with pulling colors out of beads by using beads in the same tone and then with contrasting colors. They often take on an entirely different look.

Have a fun weekend!


toniadavenport said...

That's a beautiful bead! It looks like granite to me, but I'm not positive.

Anonymous said...

I too really like this bead Lisa. The colors are beautiful and they put a smile on my face! I just thought I would stop by to see what's happening with your blog. Things are looking great. See you soon. Mary Y