Monday, March 24, 2008

Free Spirited Dangles

Hello! This week's bracelet is one that I made a year or so ago when I was going through a dangly phase...the more dangles the better! This was leftover from our previous craft show inventory so I have acquired it for myself and have been wearing it for the last couple of weeks. I STILL LOVE THE DANGLES!

This bracelet is made from recycled paper cording from Joann Etc. It comes in several colors including brown (see below) and is very easy and fun to work with. There are so many possibilities with this cord because it is so thin it actually goes through glass beads unlike other types of alternative cording products.

This is also a great project because you don't need a lot of beading knowledge or tools. If you can tie a knot and use a cutting tool and pliers, you are good to go!

Have a good one!

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