Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy, Sunny, Yellow!

Good news!!! My order from Fire Mountain arrived today, YAY!! I was really looking forward to these top drilled jonquil bicones. I was hoping they would bring a little sunshine into my world!! That's the nice thing about crystals, they never disappoint!!

We had some real sunshine today after hours of non-stop snow, just in time for evening rush hour, which did not go unappreciated!!

Here's hoping tomorrow brings more sunshine, less snow!


Anonymous said...

YAY!! Fire Mountain!!! I love crystals and the color of these are gorgeous. So what is your inspiration for them. They are very springish just what we all need right now. I can't wait to get together and create.

See ya this weekend
your Bead buddy

Anonymous said...

your bead pictures are looking pretty good, did you buy the same camera that i have? if so, it will be CRYSTAL clear on MACRO setting, and you can set the color mode to VIVID.
hope it works for you,
Kyle W.