Monday, June 6, 2016

Summertime fun: Macrame & Swarovski Crystals!

Wondering how to use leftover kumihimo cord? How about a little macrame?

This necklace pretty much designed itself. I knew I wanted to hang Swarovski dangles from it, but had no idea it would end up being frayed until the moment I was unraveling the ends. :)

It's always fun when you end up surprising yourself when making jewelry. This necklace was one of a handful I made for the Cousin Corporation to show off Swarovski crystals at the beginning of the year.

It's definitely my fave. The three long strands that dangle down the back make this the perfect beach necklace to wear with tank tops or bathing suits for a little extra flair.

Now I'm wishing I had some bright colored cord for a completely different look!

Leave a comment or email me if you'd like the instructions.

Have a great summer!


Amzad Hossin said...

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Anonymous said...

Love it. Been doing macrame since the 70';s but this is different.
Could you please send me the tut? I would really like it.
Marlene Strait