Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sand Art Tear Drop

I've seen these beads in a number of shapes and colors, but the tear drop suits the "sand art" bead very well. It reminds me of sand art in a bottle. This bead has a light summery feel to it, but I bet it would make a cute, light and airy wintery piece too. If it were mixed with some darker green tones and some orangy brown or red beads it would take on a different feel.

I like to force myself to take an opposite approach at times when beading just to see if I can!

Have a great evening!


Anonymous said...

nice one

in harmoney with my kind of work

Anonymous said...

I recently saw one similar in shades of "orange"--a banded agate-- that was absolutely lovely! I thought how it would look to set the bead in a bezel and have a "frame" of either wire or metal that would continue the lines and waves to accentuate the look! Teri