Sunday, June 1, 2014

Starting the Week out Right...with Smiley Faces!

Yay, these little smiley faces are SO happy to be the superstars of this bracelet! 

These were plain yellow enamel charms that I mentioned in a post last month. I ordered them because I could instantly "see" the smiley faces.

After about 5 minutes with a sharpie my new friends had arrived! :)

They all seem to have their own personalities. That was not intentional, it just happened that way. 

I'm looking forward to sharing the happiness with whoever I might happen to cross paths with this week. It will be interesting to see if people smile when they see it.

Would it be possible not to? Hmm... Can't wait to find out!

I wish you all a great week with lots of smiles!


Dawn Doucette said...

Love it Lisa! I smiled just looking at your pics!

knight said...

thanks for sharing just lovable work